You adjust the ear volume of your phone call when you are having a hard time to hear the voice of the person on the other end of the line. However, in order to adjust the volume again, your device must be in always in a phone call. The volume that you have set from your previous phone call will be the default volume unless you change it during the next phone call.

Adjust Ear Volume for iPhone Calls

If you would only press the volume buttons at the side of your device without any calls, it only changes the volume for ringtones and alerts. So how do you adjust the ear volume for your next phone calls? There is no need to worry about that. There is a way that lets you change the ear volume to let you hear perfectly.

Steps to Adjust Ear Volume

Here is the step by step guide that allows you to adjust the ear volume before you make a call or when you are currently expecting a call from someone.

Step 1: Go to “Phone” app on your iPhone. However, if you are now accepting a call, you can jump to the last step.)

Step 2: Tap on “Keypad” at the bottom or “Contacts”.

Adjust iPhone Ear Volume

Step 3: Call the person you need to talk to. Or just enter the number of your voice mail or customer service if you do not want to disturb someone.

Step 4: As soon as your device starts ringing, you can already adjust the volume as you wish. Press the volume buttons at the side of your device. Press up button to increase the volume and down to decrease it.

You may as well use your headphones with controller to increase or decrease the ear volume for phone calls. As soon as the call connects, that’s the time you can already adjust the volume.