Answer a Call on iPhone

Many users who just switched from different phones to iPhone find it confusing in the beginning to compose text messages, make calls and answer calls. There is always a first for everything. However, iPhone is still the easiest phone to use if we are going to consider our modern technology. iPhone is powerful not only in hardware but also in software integration.

Many new users of iPhone are maybe confused as they are using one of the latest gadgets. This article will discuss about one of the basic functions of all phones, whether old models or modern. Answering a call on your iPhone is just like answering calls from other phones that you are familiar with. You always have the same two options whether you want to accept or reject the call when your iPhone receives a call.

Answer a Call on iPhone 3G

If you want to accept or answer a call, follow these easy instructions.

Step 1: When your phone rings when it is locked, you have the basic option which is to answer the call by swiping to the right. Simply tap the Accept Call Icon and drag it to the right to answer a call.

Answer a Call on iPhone2

Step 2: After the conversation is over, you can simply end the call by pressing the End Call Icon. You can now return to the home screen.

  • If you are listening to music using your iPhone while a call comes in, the music will automatically stop playing. You will have to decide if you want to take this call or not. Your songs will resume from where it paused after the call ends.
  • If you are using your earphones when a call comes in, simply press the microphone button to answer the call.

Rejecting a Call

If you do not want to accept an incoming call for someone, there are three ways to reject it.

First: Simply tap the Decline button. You can only see the Decline button if your iPhone is not locked. If the phone is locked, it only shows Swipe to Answer the call. Jump to the next way of rejecting a call.


Second: Press the wake/sleep button twice. The same succession when making a double click on your PC mouse. This will reject the call automatically.

Third: If you are using your earphones, press and hold the microphone button for few seconds and let it go. You will hear two beeps which indicate that you declined the call.