The most important device that you probably use every day is your phone. Your mobile device allows you to connect to all your loved ones even if they are miles apart from you. Samsung is one of the best manufacturers of android mobile devices. Whether you are looking for phones to send messages, make calls and manage your daily routine, you can always find Samsung cellphones with awesome features that you can find beneficial.


Some features that are important for cellphones nowadays are touch screen, multiple messaging options, Bluetooth, easy to use keypads and personal planners. With smartphones, you can easily organize your schedule. There are more features available on Samsung phones that you will love. Thousands of apps are also free to download.

If you are looking for ways to answer calls on Samsung Galaxy, you arrived on the right page. We will give you easy instructions on how to answer a call.

Answer Calls on Samsung Galaxy

It is easy to answer calls on Samsung Galaxy. Although many people are confused on how to answer a call, because most users reported that they could not answer the call even if they tapped on the accept call icon. The solution for that is:

  • To answer a call on your Samsung Galaxy, simply tap and DRAG the accept call icon to the right. Accept icon is always green in color.

Answer Calls on Samsung Galaxy

That is all. Simply dragging or swiping the accept call icon to the right will automatically answer the call. Unlike other devices, a simple tap will do.

  • If ever you wish to REJECT a call, simply tap and drag to the left the reject call icon. Reject icon is always red in color.
  • You can also make the incoming call alert silent if you do not want your device to ring for few seconds and you can still answer it by simply tapping the volume buttons.

It may be confusing at first as you need to drag the icons. However, it is also a great experience for all users. Aside from accepting and making calls and composing messages, there are many things that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy.

Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy are giving us access to all information worldwide. You can do research, organize your files, make planners and alert yourself for a specific time. You can also install apps and a lot of games to keep you entertained. You can also download music, take photos with the built-in camera, and play videos too!