After those years that iPhone can’t seem to have the reasonable volume that sound like whispers, Apple has finally made great optimizations for iPhone speaker volume in iPhone SE. These two new smartphones are kicking in the market with its maximized speaker volume that is extremely worth having. You can listen from your device without having any troubles.

Boost Your iPhone Volume

Boost Your iPhone Volume with Volume Amplifier

Things can always be better, and volume can always be louder. If you are satisfied with your speaker volume but still, somehow you know you can make it sound louder for all people in the club, you can always use the jailbreak tweak Volume Amplifier. This tweak is loved by many users who wished to transform their device into amplifier, so why not give it a shot?


Install Volume Amplifier from Cydia

Volume Amplifier lets your jailbroken device to increase its volume up to 200 percent. That is quite impressive especially for those people with huge rooms or people who love loud music. Another thing about this tweak is that it lets you manipulate the audio stream and it increases the volume of all the apps that you have.

It can work not only for alerts and ringtones but also for games, Skype, Facetime and more! Just name it. It is simple to manipulate Volume Amplifier. You can easily see the given instructions. You can also see the percentage of the volume increase, so you can adjust it by pressing the same volume buttons.

The volume of your device while using earphones is included too! Just be careful when using your earphones as it can be really loud, but don’t worry. You can adjust the volume with the amplifier bar. So if you want to bang your head while walking down the street, Volume Amplifier is just the right tweak to keep you flying.

If you have decided to install Volume Amplifier on your device, it is still available on Cydia Store and costs $1.99.

Again, Volume Amplifier is for those who have jailbroken devices. So if your device is not yet jailbroken, you can check How to Jailbreak and install Cydia.