How to Choose a Message Tone on iPhone 3G

Your iPhone device can play customized text message tone as well as iMessage alerts. These customized text tones can apply to all messages that you will receive. There are many message tones options provided by Apple that you can choose from. If you are getting tired of the default message tone, this article will guide you on how to change it.

Choose a Message Tone

Simply follow the step by step instructions to change the sound effect of your incoming messages.

Step 1: From home screen, tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap Sounds.

Step 3: Under SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS, you will see Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Facebook Post and more.

To change the text message tone, tap on Text Tone. You will see different tones that you can use. You can also listen to them first so you can decide better.


Step 4: Select a message tone by tapping on the tone that you like.

You’re done! Just take note that you can always check the Store to purchase ringtones or message tones of your favorite songs. If you want to get free iPhone ringtones of your favorite song, you can do this with iTunes. You can also customize a message tone for a specific contact.

Message Tone for Specific Contact

If you want to assign a tone for a specific contact, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Contacts.

Step 2: Tap the person you want to set the custom message tone for.

Step 3: On the upper right corner of the screen, tap Edit.

Step 4: Scroll down and tap Text Tone. You can select from the list of ringtones available.

Step 5: Tap Save.

You can do this to your other contacts if you wish to. Assigning a different tone to each contact can be time consuming. However, you can have a different tone instead for the people that you listed on your Favorites.

Now every time you get incoming messages from people with custom tones, you will know it right away by the sounds.