Have you experienced having your iPhone stuck on headphones mode even if your headphones are unplugged? Many users have encountered this issue. Whenever you try to increase the volume, you cannot hear anything at all as it indicates (headphones) on your screen. Sound works when you plug your headphones in, however, it does not make any sound when you unplug it. Now your device is stuck in headphones mode.


This issue is annoying especially when you want your phone to ring, accept calls without headphones, or play music and games. People may think that this issue has something to do with broken speakers but that’s not always the case.

This issue happens because of many reasons. Your device does not recognize that headphones are disconnected. Something could be stuck inside or iPhone had a water contact. Protective cases are also some of the causes that trigger headphones mode issue. The good thing is that you can easily remove headphones mode by yourself just by following the solutions below.

Solutions to Fix iPhone 3G Headphones Mode Issue

Here are some easy solutions that can definitely solve your problem with headphones mode issue.

Solution 1: Keep Connecting your Headphones to the iPhone 3G

Yes, you are reading it right. Your device is confused right now and it thinks that headphones are connected even if it is not. Simply connect your headphones and make sure that it is completely connected. Unplug it until it goes to Ringing mode. Repeat these many times until Ringing mode triggers.

Solution 2: Clean the Headphone Jack


You can use toothpick or q-tip but you have to be very careful when doing this. You can also blow directly inside the headphone jack. Small debris or dirt inside the headphone jack can make the device think that there is headphone plugged in.


These solutions should solve the problem. Try to press the volume buttons at the side of your device. It will now show Ringer without (headphones). Sounds should also play through the speakers. If the solutions did not work, just do them again many times until Ringer mode appears. This issue is not serious.

It is important to clean your headphone jack from time to time. If the dirt or any debris piled up inside, this can cause issues like this annoying headphones mode issue. Good thing is that it only takes a minute to fix this. To avoid any problems, consistent cleaning the headphone jack with a cotton swab or blowing air inside is a great prevention.