How to Fix No Sound Issues for iPhone 3

There are users who have restored or updated their devices to iPhone firmware 3.0 and experienced some problems with their devices. It suddenly stopped making sounds. Receiving calls became hard as sometimes their devices do not ring. This results to missing many important calls. Buttons and even keyboard do not produce sounds either. These no sound issues may happen after having the device jailbroken.

If your device does not produce any sounds or does not ring when someone calls, you do not have to panic. There are many solutions available to solve your problem. You can try the different solutions below to determine which one is the main cause of it.

Solution to Fix No Sound Issues for iPhone 3G

One solution may work for other devices, so you may need to try all of them before your device can produce sounds.

Solution 1: The easiest solution that you can do to solve this issue is to reset your device. Go to Settings, tap General. Scroll to Reset, and then select Reset All Settings. This lets you reset your factory settings.

How to Fix No Sound Issues for iPhone 3

Solution 2: Disable Push Notification System. The Push feature in iPhone 3G does not work when the device has been jailbroken. If you have applications that has Push Notification on, try to disable this feature and this solution may hopefully solve your device’s sound problem.


Solution 3: The most common solution to no sound issues is cleaning the headphone jack. If there are dusts inside or small debris, the device thinks that headphones are still connected to your phone. This results to no sounds every time you receive calls or messages, or whenever you want to play songs. Simply blow air inside to remove dusts or plug your headphones in and out until your device detects that there are no headphones plugged in anymore.


Solution 4: From Cydia, install Insomnia. After installation, enable Insomnia. Press power button and wait for your device to go into sleep mode. This will turn off your sound, WiFi and other running applications. However, since Insomnia is enabled, all apps will keep all apps running as well as WiFi and sounds even if the screen is off.

Insomnia app jailbreak iphone

Solution 5: If all the solutions above did not solve your problem, the next thing that you need to do is to Restore or Update your iPhone back to its original software using iTunes.

If you figure out other solutions to solve the no sounds issues for iPhone 3G, please let us know.