Switch Mono Audio on your iPhone

Mono Audio is one of the features on your iPhone that you may not be aware of. This feature allows both left and right channels of earphones to receive the same quality and volume of sounds. Unlike in default settings or typical speakers, left and right channels have different sounds and volume to make a great blending and better experience.

Mono Audio feature can be used for people who are experiencing a hard time to hear or for people who are deaf in one ear. This ensures you that you will never miss any word or sound while listening to music or conversation while using headset. Audio volume can also be adjusted for each ear. This lets you hear everything not only from listening to music but also from calls, videos, podcasts and audiobooks.

Steps to Enable Mono Audio on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+

Here are the easy steps to switch your device to mono audio.

Switch Mono Audio on your iPhone 2 setting

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Choose Accessibility.

Step 4: Toggle on Mono Audio under the Hearing Section.

You are done! This way, every time you use your headphones on your iPad or iPhone, you will hear equal sounds on both channels. It is also possible to change the volume for each channel. You can adjust volume settings on each ear piece if you like using the slider at the bottom of Mono Audio. This allows you to put additional volume on specific ear piece.

Mono audio is also a perfect feature for all couples. Friends who also like to share earphones can benefit from this. They can listen to the same songs at once. Sharing is caring, eh? This way, no ear channel is better than the other. Same sound effects will be transmitted on both channels.