Improving the quality of audio is a hard thing to work on. There are many mobile phone carriers promoting that they have it. However, only Verizon and T-Mobile are actually offering the improved voice quality nationwide.

It is still a long way to get to the point when users will get pure high definition voice in every call. There are still many hindrances that High Definition voice may not be clear to the users. Still, this article will let you know how to improve voice quality or audio quality on your iPhone. Good thing is that those hindrances or limitations are decreasing. More improvements will surely come your way.

Enable HD Voice Quality

In your iPhone’s default settings, it limits 4G LTE network to Data Only. To improve voice quality or HD voice, you only need to configure your device to have voice and data sent over 4G LTE network. This only means that you will have to manually enable VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

To do this on your iPhone, follow the simple instruction:

Step 1: From your home screen, go to Settings app.

Step 2: Tap Cellular.

Step 3: Enable LTE.

Step 4: Select Voice and Data.

Verizon and T-Mobile

voice quality

iPhone users using T-Mobile carriers can enjoy HD voice in only one step. For users with Verizon contract, there is an additional step to improve voice quality. This additional step is called Advanced Calling 1.0. The good thing is that both T-Mobile and Verizon offer VoLTE (Voice over LTE) services without additional charges.

To enable HD voice for Verizon users, you need to log on to your Verizon Account.

Step 1: Log on to Verizon Account.

Step 2: Go to Manage My Account.

Step 3: Go to Change Features.

Step 4: Select Add Advanced Calling.

There are also other carriers providing HD voice such as AT&T. This is available in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and other parts of Minnesota.

If you’re mobile carrier does not support HD voice, you can always modify your device from the Settings.

Enable/ Disable Phone Noise Cancellation

Phone Noise Cancellation is a cool feature that came out to iPhone with iOS installed. This feature reduces the background noise during phone calls. However, some users find it weird as the sounds become worse and sound strange. This can occur because of the ambient audio stream that is created by this feature.

The Phone Noise Cancellation feature only works when the device is held up to your head. It won’t be noticeable if using Bluetooth, headset, ear buds or speakers. If your iPhone calls sound weird and you do not know why, or you do not want to hold the phone to your head during calls, you can turn off ambient noise reduction feature and see if it will do any better.

This solution is not only for iPhone but also for other models of iPhone.

How to Improve Voice Quality on iPhone 5

Step 1: From home screen, tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap on Accessibility.

Step 4: Scroll down and enable or disable the option for Phone Noise Cancellation under Hearing section.

This feature improves the call quality and cancels as much noise as possible. However, if you will make phone calls through speakerphone, earphones, or headset, it is better to turn this feature off.

Change Network Settings

You could be experiencing a problem on not hearing call volume in iOS. Follow the easy steps below to reset or change network configuration.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap Reset.

Step 4: Tap Reset Network Settings and enter password if required.

Step 5: Tap Reset Network Settings from popup.

Improve Voice Quality on iPhone SE - Here's How to Do it

Increase the Volume

The default volume settings of your device could not be enough when you are making or taking phone calls in a noisy environment. During phone calls, you can increase the volume using the volume buttons as the side of your device. You can also increase the volume while making a call when it is still ringing.

Use headphones

There are many stereo headphones that have over-the-ear designs. Some models also have noise-canceling features which are great for reducing or eliminating the noises in the background. If one of you is hearing echoes, it means that the other one has very loud speakers. Wearing headphones can make the problem disappear.

Change Location

The place where you are in can be the main cause of the problem. If living in a valley, or there are lots of trees or inside a building, there is a possibility that the network reception is low. You need to go to much better position when making or taking calls.

Keep Battery Charged

When your battery is charged enough when making calls, the better signal reception is. You may not realize that low battery can cause low call quality.

Call your Network Provider

If you are experiencing the same problems all the time, do not hesitate to call your service provider and tell them all about it. They may provide you other options to improve the reception quality.

No Sound during calls

If you are experiencing problems with no sound during calls, check the tutorial here.