The volume buttons on the side of your iPhone can be sensitive at times. You may not be aware that the buttons are being pressed inside your loaded bag, inside your tight pocket, or when pressed by other things inside your drawer.

If you also have a child and you let your child play with your iPhone, there is a higher chance for the volume buttons to be pressed. Without giving much thought and you take your phone back, you may not notice that the volume buttons were pressed and changed your ringer level. You will then realize how many calls you’ve missed and how many messages were unopened. All because your iPhone is not making any sound for phone calls, e-mails, text messages and notifications.

Disable Volume Button Controls

Disabling the volume button controls on your iPhone keeps it from changing ringer or alert volume. Follow these simple steps so you will feel at ease whenever you put your phone inside your loaded bag. You also do not have to worry when you let your kids play with it.

Step 1: From home screen, go to Settings app.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Sounds.

Step 3: Under Ring and Alerts adjust the slider to the level of sound that you want.

Step 4: Turn off Change with Buttons.

How to Keep Volume Button From Changing Ringer or Alert Volume on iPhone 3G

After turning off change with buttons, you can already exit from Settings. You can also try pressing the volume buttons but these will not affect your ringer as well as alerts volume. The volume buttons are only applicable for playing games, listening to music, watching videos and other apps.

Parents, babysitters and teachers will definitely love this feature. They can let the kids use their phones without having any worries. The volume level of ringer and alerts will stay the same no matter how many times the children press the volume buttons.