Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working

It can be really annoying when your iPhone microphone is not working. The person on the other end cannot hear you well and you are not able to discuss important matters. This issue can create more problems not only when talking to family and friends but also in work. So what’s the purpose now of getting a phone if the microphone is not even working? Don’t panic yet! The good thing is that there are many solutions to solve this problem. Many users have experienced this issue and there are different solutions according to what the main cause is.

Solutions to Fix iPhone Microphone Issue

Before trying all the solutions below, make sure that your microphone is really not working. Maybe the app that you are trying to use makes your microphone unable to work. There are users who complained that certain apps are the main cause of their iPhone microphone issue.

Solution 1: Check the microphone of your iPhone

Start by simply checking if the microphone of your device is working. The problem could be the malfunction of your device’s microphone. Here are the steps on how to check if your iPhone 6’s microphone is working or not.

Step 1 Open Extras.

Step 2: Launch Voice Memos.

Step 3: Simply speak towards the microphone. After recording, play the voice that you recorded. This way, you can determine whether there is something wrong with your device’s microphone. You can check the quality of your voice. If the sound is blurred, chopped or no sound at all, it means that there is something wrong with the microphone.

Solution 2: Clean Your Microphone

This is one of the easiest solutions there is. Your device is exposed to everywhere, even dirt. This can be the reason why your microphone does not work properly. Having a dirty microphone affects the quality of the voice especially when dirt gathered for such a long time already. You can use toothpick or needle but make sure to be careful while doing it.

Solution 3: Change iPhone’s Case or Cover

Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working2

There are users that miss the problems covers and cases can do. There are covers with defective design that hides the iPhone microphone. If this is the case, simply change your cover or remove it.

Solution 4: Toggle Noise Cancellation ON

This solution can enhance your voice delivery, if the problem is too much noise or no sound at all. From Settings, go to General. Scroll to Accessibility and tap on Phone Noise Cancellation.

Solution 5: Update iOS

Are you using the latest version of iOS? If not, it is time to update your software. Some errors may occur when not using the latest version. If using Wi-Fi, simply go to Settings, then General. Choose Software Update.

You can also update your device using iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac. From iTunes, select your device and click Check for Update. Simply click Download and Update to continue.

Solution 6: Restart your iPhone

The last solution that we recommend is to restart your device. Just press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the slider. Simply slide to power off to shut your iPhone down. Then, turn it on again by pressing the same button.

These solutions work for many iPhone users. However, if your microphone is still not working, you can visit always the nearest Apple store.

Solution 7: Restore device from iCloud backup

Step 1: Turn your iPhone on. You will see greetings “Hello” on your screen. If your device is already set up, all you need to do is to delete all of its content before following these steps to restore from the backup.

Step 2: Simply follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the home screen or Apps and Data screen. Tap Restore from iCloud backup.

Step 3: Use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.

Step 4: Select a backup. Check the date as well as the size of each backup and choose the most important. After choosing, it will start to transfer. If a message prompts that there is a new version of iOS and it is required to continue, simply follow the steps on how to update.

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Step 5: Use your Apple ID account to sign in when asked in order to restore all your purchases and apps that you previously downloaded. You will be required to sign in to each app or content if you used different account IDs. However, you can skip the step and sign in later if ever you forgot the password.

Step 6: Keep your device connected and the progress bar will appear. Wait for its completion which will depend on the size of the files you wish to backup and the speed of your network. The progress bar may take from few minutes to hours to complete. If your device gets disconnected from the internet, the progress will pause and will only continue once you reconnect.

Step 7: After finishing the setup, you can now have fun with your iPhone. For the next hours or days, apps and other files like music and photos will be restored in the background. The restoration will depend on how big the content is. For the process of restoring to be complete, keep your device connected to Wi-Fi.

Clean Headphone Jack

The headphones that come along with iPhones are the best for completing tasks faster. You can control songs by using the microphone button as well as answering phone calls. Most of us enjoy the attributes of iPhone headphones even if audiophiles and other head bangers are not satisfied with it.

When the microphone on your headphones stops working, you can simply call Apple support for a replacement. However, in many situations, it is not the microphone or headphones that are making the problem.

There are cases that the headphone jack is dirty which causes the problem. To clean it, you may use a paperclip and see if there is small debris inside. Make sure to be careful when doing it. It is easy to insert a paperclip or the likes and get a pile of dirt. Gently clean the hole out and try again if the microphone is working. If it did not work, turn off your device and make sure that the headphone jack is clean. Restart your device and try the microphone again.