Making calls and sending messages are the basic functions of phones. Apps, music and cameras are additional functions that make phones smarter than ever. If the basic functions failed such as no sound during calls, users will surely get mad about it.

No Sound During Calls on iPhone 1

If you have a high-end smartphone like iPhone for instance, it is almost impossible to encounter no sound issue during phone calls. If ever you encounter such problem, there are few fixes that you can try before visiting the Apple store.

Solutions to Fix No Sound During Calls on iPhone 5s

Here are some easy solutions that you can do yourself. You may need to do all the solutions below to identify which one will work.

Solution 1: Turn Volume Up


When we are listening to music or watching videos, we always make adjustments to volume. You might have decrease the volume too much that you could not hear the voice of the person you are having conversation with. The basic solution is to make sure that you increase the volume during phone calls by simply pressing the + button at the side of your device.

If you are encountering these issues, you can read Microphone Not Working Issues on iPhone 5s to see if your microphone is functioning first.

Solution 2: Clean the receiver

No Sound During Calls on iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s+: Here’s the Fix

This solution could be silly but it works for many. Your receiver could be dirty and pile or dirt could be gathering in it. Make sure that you clean it with a toothpick or something small. Be careful while doing this to avoid any damages. This solution will surely let you hear louder.

Solution 3: Checking the Receiver

Simply follow these easy steps if the problem is the network or your receiver.

Step 1: Launch the Voice Memos app and record your own voice.

Step 2: Tap the Speaker button on the upper right corner of the screen to switch playback between the receiver and speaker.

Step 3: Tap the Play button to play the audio clip through the receiver on your iPhone. If you are able to hear your voice and it works properly without any distortion, static or popping, the problem can be the voicemail system or the carrier network.

Solution 4: Checking the Connections

When iPhone is connected to headphones, the sound won’t be heard through the speakerphone or iPhone receiver. However, your iPhone could be connected to a wireless device such as wireless headphones. To make sure that your iPhone is not connected to any wireless device, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Settings app.

Step 2: Tap Bluetooth and toggle it off.

Solution 5: Turn off Bluetooth


Your device might be connected to wireless speakers or headset through Bluetooth. This causes no sound during calls on your iPhone. Make sure that you toggle Bluetooth off by going to Settings and tap Bluetooth.

Solution 6: Reboot

Rebooting your device can solve not only sound issues but other issues as well. It can also stop apps that are running in the background. Simply press and hold sleep/wake button and home button at the same time for at least ten seconds. Apple logo will appear. After your device restarts on its own, you can now check by making a call for the difference.

Solution 7: Erase All Content and Settings

If none of the solutions above worked, your final resort is to reset your device. Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Setting

Make sure that you backup your iPhone via iTunes first to retrieve all data. After backing up, go to Settings and tap General. Tap Reset and you will see Erase All Content and Settings.

Your device should sound better now. You can restore your content via iTunes.

Solution 8: Get the Latest Version of iOS

Problems such as no sound issues can happen when your device does not have the latest version of iOS. Make sure that you backup your files. Follow these steps to download and install the new version of iOS.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap Software Update.

No Sound During Calls on iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s+: Here’s the Fix

Step 4: Your screen will show you if there are recent updates. Simply tap Download and Install. Enter your Apple ID password if asked.

Step 5: Tap Agree to the Terms and Conditions and tap Agree to continue.

Step 6: Tap Install Now to start the update.

Solution 9: Boost the Sound Volume on your iPhone

If you want to boost the sound volume of your phone, you can read How to Boost The Sound Volume On iPhone 5s.