No Sound on iPhone after iOS 9

No sound on iphone after Apple continuously releases updates to optimize existing apps and the software itself. At the same time, these updates from Apple provide new features for the users to have better experiences with their devices. Before they release these updates to the public, these are tested to make sure that all problems are given solutions. However, the iOS  update had sounds and volume issues. These are experienced in many models like iPhone 4/5/5S/6 and 6+.

Solutions for No Sound on iPhone after update

Here are some solutions that can solve no sound and volume issues on your device.

Solution 1: Check for New Updates

When these issues happen, Apple often releases new updates right away to make optimizations. To solve no sound on iphone after updates, you can check if there are recent updates that can fix this issue. Go to Settings, then General. Tap Software Update. If there are new updates, simply tap Download and Install.

Apps also release update to be compatible to the newest iOS. Make sure that you update your apps as well. Go to App Store, check Updates. Simply tap Update All. You can also automatically update your apps by going to Settings. Scroll down to iTunes & App Stores. Under Automatic Downloads, toggle on Updates.

Solution 2: Hard Restart


This solution does not only fix sound issues. It can also fix camera as well as screen issues. This is the same with PC or Mac. When it starts to get buggy, a simple restart can always fix the problem. On your iPhone, hold down together the sleep/power button and the home button for at least 10 seconds. Wait for the Apple logo to appear. This should fix the sound issue as well as other bugs.

Solution 3: Remove cover or any third-party cases

Some iPhone cases, covers and accessories especially third-party ones may not be compatible on your device. When you use covers that are not compatible with your iPhone, it can result to some issues such as no sound. If the device is completely secured by the cover or case, try to remove it and check if it will work without the cover. There are covers that block the speakers fully.

Solution 4: Clean the speaker, lightning connector and receiver mesh

Another culprit of no sound problem is dirt and debris that are stuck inside your device’s audio output components. To clean, simply use a toothbrush and gently brush the parts from any dirt or debris. Make sure that the toothbrush has soft bristles and clean. This may solve your no sound on iPhone after update issues.

 Solution 5: Check loud/silent switch

At the left side of your device is a switch to change your phone from ringing to silent mode. If you see orange, it is on silent mode. Make sure that it is in ringing mode to avoid no sound issues.

Solution 6: Turn Bluetooth OFF


If you update your device or apps while it is connected to Bluetooth, it can run into issues like sounds and volume issues. The simple fix for this is to simply turn your Bluetooth off. Go to Settings, tap on Bluetooth and toggle it off.

Solution 7: Reset All Settings

You may need to set your settings in default if none of the solutions above worked. Before doing this, backup your device to avoid any data loss. To reset all settings, go to Settings, tap General, and then tap Reset. Tap Reset All Settings.

Solution 8: Recovery mode or DFU mode

Updating the software of the device is highly recommended. However, some users can encounter problems and resort to downgrading their software. It is also performed when encountering issues during software update.

You can restore your device by DFU mode or Recovery mode to set it up either as a new device or from your backup. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac with iTunes of the latest version. Hopefully this can solve your no sound on iPhone after update problems/issues.

Solution 9: Press or squeeze hard the bottom right corner of your iPhone.

This solution can be weird but it worked like a miracle for many users. No sound problem can be a cause of iPhone’s loose connector and doing this solution may somehow relocate it properly. Simply squeeze the bottom right corner of your device which is where the speaker is placed. Hold for at least thirty seconds and check again if the speaker is now working properly.

If your iPhone has no sound when using headset, you can try some of these solutions:

  • Try your headset on different device and check if it will work.
  • Use a different headset on your iPhone.
  • Check if the headset has damages such as open connectors and exposed wire.
  • Unplug and plug back in the headset into headphone jack many times to remove any dirt or debris inside. This solution also works when device is stuck in headphone mode.

If none of the solutions above solve the sound problem of your iPhone, it is better if you contact Apple support or your carrier. You can visit the nearest Apple store to let them see the problem as there could be a need for a replacement for a certain part.

If you have resolved the sound issue and would like to improve the sound, check out Improve Sound Quality on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.