How to Set an Alarm Clock on iPhone 3G

Setting an alarm clock on your iPhone or iPad can help you get up on time in the morning. You can also be alerted of the important time of the day anywhere you are. You do not have to bring clocks with built-in alarm anymore just to set specific time for you to be alerted. If you want to set alarm clock on your iPad or iPhone, simply follow the simple instructions below.

Setting your iPhone’s Alarm Clock

Your iPhone can also serve as your personal alarm clock. You also have the option to select specific ringtones for every alarm you set. Just like the other things on your iPhone, it is simple to set an alarm clock.

Step 1: From your home screen, open the Clock application.

Step 2: Tap the Alarm option from the bottom of the screen. It is the second option from the left.

Step 3: Tap the plus (+) sign at the top of the screen to create a new alarm.

Step 4: Set your alarm by scrolling through the hours and minutes at the bottom of the screen. Choose AM or PM.

Step 5: You can tap Repeat to let your alarm go off on other days as well. You will see an option below whether you want your alarm to go off every day, every Monday or every Sunday. Just tap the days that you want the alarm to go off.

How to Set an Alarm Clock on iPhone 3G

  • If you wish to have a separate alarm for other days like weekends, you need to do all these steps two times.

Modifying Alarm Clock

Step 6: To choose for a ringtone for your alarm, simply tap Sounds. You can also download new ringtones from iTunes store and have it synced to your iPhone.

Step 7: To have your alarm appear on the screen with a Snooze button, simply tap Snooze to toggle it on.

How to Set an Alarm Clock on iPhone 3G

Step 8: To change the name of the alarm, simply tap the Label field and type a different name to differentiate your alarm from other alarms that you will set. This option is useful to remind you what exactly you need to do on that exact time.

Step 9: Tap Save the alarm when done. This will save all the settings that you made.

You will know whenever your alarm is on. There is a small status icon that looks like a clock at the upper right corner of the screen. If you no longer want a specific alarm, simply tap Edit from the upper left corner of alarm tab. Tap Delete icon next to the alarm that you wish to delete.