Have you experienced having your iPhone stuck on headphones mode even if your headphones are unplugged? Many users have encountered this issue. Whenever you try to increase the volume, you cannot hear anything at all as it indicates (headphones) on your screen. Sound works when you plug your headphones in, however, it does not make any sound when you unplug it. Now your device is stuck in headphones mode.


This issue is annoying especially when you want your phone to ring, accept calls without headphones, or play music and games. People may think that this issue has something to do with broken speakers but that’s not always the case.

This issue happens because of many reasons. Your device does not recognize that headphones are disconnected. Something could be stuck inside or iPhone had a water contact. Protective cases are also some of the causes that trigger headphones mode issue. The good thing is that you can easily remove headphones mode by yourself just by following the solutions below.

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Solutions to Fix iPhone Headphones Mode Issue

Here are some easy solutions that can definitely solve your problem with headphones mode issue.

Solution 1: Keep Connecting your Headphones to the iPhone

Yes, you are reading it right. Your device is confused right now and it thinks that headphones are connected even if it is not. Simply connect your headphones and make sure that it is completely connected. Unplug it until it goes to Ringing mode. Repeat these many times until Ringing mode triggers.

Solution 2: Clean the Headphone Jack


You can use toothpick or q-tip but you have to be very careful when doing this. You can also blow directly inside the headphone jack. Small debris or dirt inside the headphone jack can make the device think that there is headphone plugged in.


These solutions should solve the problem. Try to press the volume buttons on the side of your device. It will now show Ringer without (headphones). Sounds should also play through the speakers. If the solutions did not work, just do them again many times until Ringer mode appears. This issue is not serious.

It is important to clean your headphone jack from time to time. If the dirt or any debris piled up inside, this can cause issues like this annoying headphones mode issue. Good thing is that it only takes a minute to fix this. To avoid any problems, consistent cleaning the headphone jack with a cotton swab or blowing air inside is a great prevention.

Use Compressed Air

Stuck in Headphones Mode on iPhone: Here's the Fix

You can use a can of compressed air in order to blow straight to your iPhone’s headphone jack. It can solve the problem as there could be something that is stuck inside that you cannot see. Small debris can loosen up by using a compressed air can as it can blow the dirt out fully. However, you need to be gentle and make sure that you are not sticking the hose all the way into the headphone jack. Just begin from the outside of the headphone jack and slowly get in.

If there is no available can that you can use as compressed air, you can blow inside using your mouth. It works also for many users even if it is not recommendable as the breath contains moisture which can also damage the internal circuits. But if you think that it won’t be a problem on your iPhone, you can try your luck and hopefully it can solve the problem.


Very thin tweezers are useful enough to remove small debris such as a small grain inside an iPhone’s headset jack. It can be risky to use tweezers as the components of the headphone jack can be damaged with tweezers. If you want to take the risk, just make sure to be very careful when doing it.

Solution 3: Try using different headphones

Stuck in Headphones Mode on iPhone: Here's the Fix

If your headphones are not working on your iPhone, try to use new pair or different headphones. Unplug it for at least five times and see if it will work. There are some headphones that have poor tolerances and this can cause iPhone to not recognize it when speakers as well as headphones are unplugged.

Solution 4: Reboot your iPhone

Another solution that you can do is to reboot your iPhone if none of the solutions above worked for you. This will force the operating system to refresh as well as the settings of sound.

Solution 5: Update or Restore iOS

If rebooting your device and other solutions did not work, the issue could be the current iOS that you are using. This case is usually common for users that have jailbroken phones. Some jailbreak tweaks from Cydia, even if awesome, can change some system files.

You can try to perform DFU mode restore or update from DFU mode. New files will replace the corrupted files and your device should work properly after.

Solution 6: Repair

It is really frustrating for us when the sound is not working on our iPhone. There are cases that the broken device is brought to Apple Store and the only repair option to fix the damaged headphone jack is by replacing the whole iPhone. Many users refused and settled for using Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset instead in order to receive and make calls. Even if there is a solution to make the most out of it, it is still a huge hassle.

Water Damage

Stuck in Headphones Mode on iPhone: Here's the Fix

The headphone jack is one of the openings on the outside of the device. Not only dirt can build up inside it as headphone jack is also susceptible to water damage. If you accidentally drop your phone into water, the rest may work perfectly fine. However, the headphone jack may be damaged.

Many athletes also experience water damage on their devices even if they do not notice it. When they are running or exercising while listening to music with headphones on, sweat can easily get into the headphone jack. It will take time before the problem will occur, but when it does, it is definitely irritating.

To Sum It Up

It is really annoying when your iPhone is stuck on headphones mode. It may sound like a simple problem with also a simple solution. However, a small drop of water or small debris can do real damage on your headphone jack. We hope that your device is not stuck on headphone mode anymore. If it is, check for the solutions above. If you know other solutions other than these, do not hesitate to leave a comment below on how to get rid of the small debris from the headphone jack.

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