How to Turn Ringer Off on iPhone 3G

There are situations that you need to keep your iPhone silent. When you visit the library or go to cinemas and church, during an interview or meeting, it is awkward if it suddenly rings loudly. This can disturb everyone and that is totally embarrassing. Good thing is that you do not have to turn your phone off just to keep it from ringing. There is a way how to turn ringer off.

Mute Switch to Turn Ringer Off

The easiest way to keep your phone from ringing is by muting it using the mute switch. If you will check your device, it has a switch at the left side along with the two volume buttons. This switch is used for changing your iPhone into ringer mode or mute mode.

If you flick the switch and it shows orange, it means that you have muted your device. It will also show the current mode on your screen. You can easily turn the ringer back on by flipping the switch again.

If your device is already muted and you want to know if you have incoming calls or not, you can always activate the vibration.

Vibration Mode

The vibrate mode of your device could be off even if you place it on silent mode. Since your device is muted, you would not know whether someone is trying to contact you or not. You could miss important calls and won’t be able to respond quickly to messages. Follow these steps to turn vibrate mode on.

How to Turn Ringer Off on iPhone 3G

Step 1: From home screen, go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap Sounds.

Step 3: Tap Vibrate.

Step 4: Tap On.

Turning the vibration mode on allows you to know when you have incoming calls or messages. You can also modify the vibration pattern in settings. Now, even if you go to quiet places and you keep your phone in pocket, you will determine if there are any incoming calls or not.