How to Use Music Player on iPhone 3G

Music is one of the closest things to our hearts. We always listen to music from radios, televisions, computers, laptops and mobile phones. Every device that Apple makes have great music players. This is one of the reasons why users love listening songs with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. All these devices have dedicated app solely for Music. iOS devices still remain as the world’s number one music player.

This article will discuss topics about the Music Player in iPhone as well as managing it. This will guide you everything that you need to know to get the most out of your iPhone’s music player.

How to Put Music on iPhone SE

There are few ways to get music on your Apple device. Here are the two basic ways on getting music to your phone.

First: Buy songs from iTunes Store.

iTunes Store is an app that lets you purchase wide ranges of music. You can also purchase films and TV programs too. You can find here all the songs that you are looking for and look for good deals on albums.

How to Use Music Player on iPhone 3G

Second: Sync Music From iTunes using PC or Mac

If you have songs on your iTunes on PC or Mac, you can simply connect your iPhone or iPad with USB Cable. Launch iTunes and choose your iPhone from the menu bar. Click Music from the sidebar and choose Sync Music option. You may choose individual songs or your entire music library. Simply click Sync when you are ready.

Use Music Player

Once your songs are ready, you can now listen to them.

Step 1: Simply tap on Music app from your phone’s home screen.

How to Use Music Player on iPhone 3G

Step 2: If you wish to create a playlist, simply tap on Playlist then Create a Playlist. Tap Add Songs and tap done when you are finish.

Step 3: Play audio tracks by tapping on the song title or tap play button of a specific playlist.

Step 4: Adjust the volume using the volume button.

You’re done! Here are some TIPS while you are listening to your songs or playlist:

  • Tap arrow right or arrow left to go to the next or previous song.
  • Tap the shuffle icon to turn on shuffle function.
  • Tap the repeat icon to repeat the current song.

You can listen to your songs while the phone is locked or when using other apps. The Music Player app works in the background and it will only stop when you stop it, receive calls or when your phone is dead battery. Have fun listening!