The Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone keeps alerts, notifications and calls from making any kind of sound, lightning the screen up or vibration whenever the phone screen is locked. This feature has no effect, however, on alarms. There is no need to worry if you have set an alarm as it will go off whether you enabled Do Not Disturb feature or not.

If you do not want to be disturbed by notifications or calls for specific time, you can switch your device to silent mode. You can also make schedules with Do Not Disturb feature to repeat at the exact time every day. For instance, DND feature will automatically activate when it is 11pm to 6 am. You can as well set exceptions for certain calls to ring when DND is on.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Feature on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+

Step 1: From home screen, tap Settings app.

Step 2: Tap Do Not Disturb.

Step 3: Toggle ON Manual from Do Not Disturb to turn the function on.

How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone 3G

You can also select specific period of time by toggling On Scheduled. You can now choose the time you want DND feature to activate. Scheduled quiet hours are beneficial, such as during the night when you are sleeping. This way, your sleep would never be interrupted by notifications, calls and alerts.

Step 4: To allow calls from specific contacts, simply tap Allow Calls From. Choose the names of the exception. Tap Do Not Disturb at the upper right to go back and tap Repeated Calls to allow calls from the same people in your exception list. This is useful if you can’t afford to miss a call from someone or for people who will try to contact you multiple times.

Step 5: Tap Always to set your device silent permanently or Only while iPhone is locked.

That’s it. You can now tap the home button to return to home screen. Your iPhone will automatically shift to Do Not Disturb mode depending on the time you specified in Settings. You can now when it is on when a half-moon icon appears at the top of your screen.

It is pretty easy to enable this feature on and manage it. Compared to only Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb feature can be managed and set on specific time so you do not have to set it again. You can also still receive calls from important people whenever it is on. You would not miss any important calls.