How to Use Voice Control on iPhone 3G

The very first voice control system was released in iOS 3.2 on iPhone 3Gs. It was outdated by Siri, the latest and more innovative system which uses Apple servers to process voices. This voice control has many usage and many advantages to offer. It can make your tasks easier to do with the use of voice commands.

Apple always releases new commands that your device can perform. This allows users to be able to become more flexible with their work. It is like talking to another person while doing the task for you. This article will discuss how to set up voice control as well as the commands you can use.

Set Up Voice Control

You can use voice controls on your device that supports Siri. First, you need to turn Siri off. Go to Settings, tap General and tap Siri.

Voice control will expect you to speak in your language. (Go to Settings, tap General, tap International and tap Language).

To change voice control to your own dialect:

Step 1:  Tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap International.

Step 4: Tap Voice Control.

Start Voice Control

To activate voice control, hold down home button on your device or the button on your headset until you hear a beep. A voice control feature will appear on your screen. If you are using Bluetooth, simply hold the call button for at least two seconds and wait for the beep.

Make sure that you speak naturally and clearly. Only speak voice control commands, numbers and complete names.

Phone Calls

You can call someone by using voice control.

To call a contact, speak “Call” or “Dial” and the name or nickname of the person you wish to call. The information has to be entered on your device. If there are many numbers of the person entered, simply add “at” plus the home, work, or mobile number. For instance, you can say “Dial Ruth Cruz Home” or “Call Husband” or “Call Trisha at mobile”.

You can call a number by speaking “Call” or “Dial” and recite each digit.

You can make correction by saying “wrong”, “not that one”, “no”, “not that”.

To use FaceTime, simply say “FaceTime” instead of dial or call.

Music Commands

Simply say “play music” or “play” to start music. Say “play playlist” plus the name of the playlist that you want. You can also play specific album by saying “play album” plus the name of the album you wish to play. You can also say “play artist” and the name of the artist.

If you want to pause, simply say “stop”, “pause music”, or simply “pause”.

To skip the next song, simply say “next song”, “next track” or “next”. To go back to previous song, simply say “previous”, “previous track”, or “previous song”. You can also shuffle your songs by saying “shuffle”.

To cancel voice control, simply say “stop” or “cancel”. You can also get help by saying “help”.